Love is not self-sustaining but requires constant maintenance. We can often get stuck on surface-y conversations but need to work hard at diving deep in to heart level conversations. Don’t talk about this kids soccer schedules, your crazy boss, or your never ending to do list. Instead take these questions with you on your next date night and take turns answering them. Spend the time listening to your spouse’s heart and soul. If you could change one thing about your looks, what would it be? If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

7 Reasons To Date Your Spouse

David and I went out for our weekly date night a few nights ago at one of our favorite vegan bars in Portland. Whenever we go out for date night, we make an intentional choice to put our phones in the middle of the table and try to engage each other in thought provoking, honest, deep… and often hilarious conversation. If you flash back 3 years and found us out on a date night, you would probably see a lot of arguing, making small talk, or us being glued to our phones.

Not exactly romantic… Eventually, we realized that we needed to invoke a better, deeper form of conversation if we wanted to grow closer. Because of how much this practice has improved our marriage, we decided to compile a list of our favorite questions from the last year for you to ask your partner during date night. If you could relive a year in your life, what age would you choose?

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If you will commit to working on it, He can bring you closer together. Learning to talk together is a great way to start working on a healthy and intimate marriage. After you’ve talked through them all, share the fun with other couples. Copy and paste the questions and add your answers as your status on Facebook. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go My favorite holiday is The thing I most like to do on a date is My favorite restaurant is I feel most loved when you

40 Questions to Help Build Intimacy in a Relationship

I know my wife and I heard this from numerous friends and well-wishers on our path to wedded bliss. The whole relationship up to this point has been nothing but one continuous date spread out over weeks, months, or years. But as those initial moments of wedded bliss turn into years of new jobs, mortgages, dirty diapers, and another round of paying taxes, dating your spouse can get lost in the mix.

Why would we need a date night?

And it’s taught us that date night, date night questions, questions to ask your spouse, questions to. I’ve shared in previous blog posts like.

Today I’m taking a break from wedding recaps to talk about something that you can directly apply to your relationship, no matter what stage your at. But have no fear, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more wedding photos. Earlier this year, I wrote about the importance in our marriage to set aside quality time together each week for a date night.

I know, I know, easy for us to say, right? We’re less than a year into marriage and have no kids. But the way we see it, we’re building a foundation and setting up structure in our marriage that will hopefully carry us through the crazier, busier days ahead. One of the things that makes it sustainable, is that we don’t always go big. Sometimes we just stay home and catch up on our shows. More often than not, we head to the cinema where we both have unlimited passes, which sometimes means being able to justify seeing a bad movie that we don’t necessarily care about just to get out of the house and snack on some popcorn.

Still, it’s the time together that matters, is practising that muscle memory so it actually feels weird if we don’t do it. One way to make quality time together more quality is to continue to date one another. What I mean by that is continue to ask questions to get to know your spouse. Remember when you first started dating and you were still able to ask how many siblings that person had or what he or she studied in school? Well now, with a few years under your belt, you have to get a little more creative.

The 25 Best Conversation Starters for Married Couples

By the end of the day, we’re usually exhausted. By the end of the week, that date night we might have planned tends to get swapped for vegging out in front of the TV and binge-watching the latest show on Netflix. While this is totally fine—in fact, it’s a pretty normal stage of life—remember when you were dating? The way you hung on each other’s every word?

You could ask twenty questions to identify what thing the other person was thinking about. Here’s a variation on that, for your next dinner date or when you have.

All it takes is a little time and a little creativity. The best part? Answering these questions at different stages of your lives can illicit new answers and new ways to learn more about each other. Want to get a little goofier? Try our 20 most outrageous conversation starters! Here are some of our favorite conversations starters and topics for married couples:.

If you could spend 24 hours doing anything in the world together, what would it be? Is there a movie that you watched as a child that you knew you were too young to see? Did it have an effect on you? How can we bring them to life?

50 Questions for Couples to Get to Know Each Other Better

My hubby and I are high school sweethearts, and even though we got married at the young age of 22, we have managed to grow up together rather than grow apart. Hopes, dreams, worries, insecurities… we talk about it all. Want to keep things new and fresh in your marriage also? Read on for my list of questions to ask your spouse to reconnect.

Using this list of questions to ask your spouse will help you learn more about each other, including how you can be a better wife and improve your marriage.

What food reminds you of me?

Every now and then, we lose a deep connection with our spouse. Busy schedules, kids, and work are often to blame. Trying to juggle their schedules, work, and trying to squeeze in time for yourself and your spouse, is really a tireless effort. Sometimes we disconnect without even meaning to. I mean, come on! Parents have little time for date nights and romantic evenings. Therefore, we try to do a lot of our date nights at home once the kids are in bed.

I know how sterile that sounds! But hey, if I were to wait for it to happen organically, it would never happen!

50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on Date Night That Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Asking a variety of open-ended questions is the 1 way to build that emotional connection that we all long for. When you face challenges, do you feel overwhelmed and hopeless or empowered and excited? When you come home from work, what is the best way I can make you feel loved?

40 questions to ask your spouse – this fun game quizzes how well you know each One of my most popular pins on Pinterest has been my 20 Questions Date.

Ten questions guys commonly ask and our best answers to these often tricky and awkward-to-talk-about situations. Somewhere between the first date and shopping for an engagement ring lies a land teeming with adventure, discovery, and many unanswered questions. We get it. So we compiled a list of 10 questions guys commonly ask and our best answers to these often tricky and awkward-to-talk-about situations. We hope this helps you rest easy and enjoy the adventure of your new relationship.

Approach it incorrectly and we risk falling somewhere between a chauvinist pig and a freeloading good for nothing. If your girlfriend wants to treat you to a nice date, by all means, accept her gift. After all, who pays for what is not nearly as important as the attitude the use of money exposes. Talk to your girlfriend and discuss expectations. A picnic can be just as much fun as an expensive dinner.

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