The most common Yamaha serial numbers follow a system that uses 2 letters, followed by 5 numbers. From this we can tell that this is the 22 nd guitar built on June 12 of either , , , or The letters H to Q each represent the number that the year the guitar was built in ends in. If anyone knows please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this post. The second letter represents the month that the guitar was built. If your serial number follows this format and you want a faster way of deciphering it check out the serial number wizard at the link below:.

Yamaha FG-300 Natural 1968 – 1976

Toggle navigation. Vintage guitars for sale: Browse items below, or search for guitars in the menu or search box above. Very rare model, as in early , Rickenbacker changed the design of these models from a ‘doublebound’ style body binding on both sides , to a more rounded top design with body binding only on the back. These ‘OS’, old style bodies were available from dealers throughout the 60’s, but very few dealers knew that this option was available and not many were made.

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FG300 Guitar

My yamaha serial number looks nothing like this to you folks we offer the following. For example the yas 21 student grade alto. Yamaha guitar year of manufacture. Please note that many of the items listed here are no longer in production.

For products made by Yamaha Motor Company, see List of Yamaha FG (c.​R2, slightly small (length 40″)); FG 1; FG (cR, folk); FGF.

We ship worldwide! Another Quality Ibanez Guitar Lots of Full-and Wonderful rich tone from this baby. It is a crafted in Japan guitar and it compairs favorably to Gibson, Guild or Martin! These early issue Red Label Guitars from Korea utilize the very same materials that were made in Japan. This era exhibits just the same just as nice woods as those Japanese big dollar players but ” SOME” not all are hidden treasures and are still a real bargain today when compared to the Japanese Red Label versions or a Martin or even Japan made models of this quality This guitar does not take the back seat to the Red Label Nippon Gakki version at all.

It comes with a new set of Martin strings installed ready to play out of the box. This baby is nice and sweet in person The necks fretboard is a wonderful Indian Rosewood.

Guitar Pedals

I have owned this guitar since Decorative pickguard. Does any one else have one and is it awsome sounding, too?

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March 05, This “oversized dreadnought” 16″ lower bout 12 string really is not bad at all. It’s one of the Taiwan-made Yamahas with a 7-digit serial number that’s essentially meaningless many Yamahas can be dated to the day of manufacture and despite my usual inclinations to skip over any old Asian-import string I did take this one in trade without rolling my eyes!

It was just — rather clean! I did tune it all the way up to concert E-E pitch with the set of 10s on it smooth sailing , but I still always suggest folks keep these tuned down a step anyway on long-scale models like this one. The guitar is all-laminate in build spruce over mahogany and the finish is rather thin, thankfully, which means that the lightweight laminate resonates well.

For a mids guitar, I think this has held up very well and aside from some buckle rash or weird scratching on the back, it’s relatively clean. It could be a year old instrument.

Yamaha FG model

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73 Yamaha FG Made in JAPAN Nippon Gakki Acoustic Guitar Rare SUPER From information on the Internet concerning dating these, the guitar’s serial.

The purpose of this article is to solve the mystery of the early Yamaha FG serial numbers, internal markings, and labels. And to be able to fairly accurately determine when they were made. Everyone has been guessing for years. The facts presented are based on personal observations, data collected, and data donated. And there are still a few assumptions. This article will be updated as I find further information. This date code will be very close to when the guitar was built. Currently I am up to serial numbers and date codes.

Yamaha FG-110

Forgot your password? By rockabillygirl , May 16, in Acoustic Guitars. I just picked up a vintage FG 75, and i am having a tough time figuring out when it was made. I’ve read where they were manufactured from thru I’ve read about red labels, tan labels, and how production was shifted to Taiwan in and red labels were changed to tan. I’ve also read where some red labels weren’t made in Japan, but in Taiwan.

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This site is devoted to Conn vintage guitars , but also contains some links that lead to some other brands. I am by no means an authority on any other brand than Conn. Even with Conn, I am not an authority, but probably know more about them than any other resource you will find, because I have literally spent years and countless hours researching them. Several owners, whose names you will see on this site, have contributed information.

Thanks to those owners, information found here is enhanced. I spent a lot of years researching certain brands of vintage guitars. There are contributions from individual owners and from several excellent resources on the internet. When I started research, I was surprised by the lack of information available on Conn guitars C. So although I began researching many brands, I soon began focusing solely on Conn.

Yamaha FG 75 110 150 comparison